Wool Shearing


The wool shearing course

The course includes learning how to:

  • Set up and sharpen hand shears
  • How to handle the sheep ready for shearing
  • Use the hand shears effectively and safely while shearing
  • Wrap the fleece and grade the wool ready for spinning
  • Trim the feet and age the sheep
  • You can also take home the fleece you shear from the sheep

The cost is £110 per person and is available on the following date: 25th May 2019. The course is for a maximum of 6 participants and will run from 10am–4pm.  Tea, coffee & lunch are provided at Home farm. Please wear suitable clothing and boots and arrive at 9.30am for a prompt 10am start.

The course will be held at Home Farm where car parking is available

The course is always popular so early booking is recommended. Tel: 0844 249 1895 (7 days a week 9am—5.30pm) or via the box office online

Below is a video of a White faced woodland sheep being shorn, it took 18 minutes. My best time is 5 minutes but that was with a Norfolk horn sheep without belly fur and it was very quiet.

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