About a decade ago, we found Otter footprints in the mud by the stream above the lakes. Since then, some members of the public have been lucky enough to see one swimming in the lakes. However, you have to be up very early to see one and as yet I have not had the good fortune to glimpse an Otter at Wimpole. The other place were you might have better luck is at the bottom of the South Avenue where the River Rhee cuts through it. The red brick bridge is a good place to find their foot prints and spraints. It has been said that Otters do not like American mink and will kill them if they can.

The American mink has been resident at Wimpole for quite some time. Recently, in a bid to help out the ailing Water vole, we have in conjunction with many other landowners and charities, been trapping these mink. They are caught in a live trap and then humanely dispatched, although one has to be careful because they do carry Wiels disease or Leptospirosis

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