The scything course will be held on the weekend of the Scything competitions on 22nd and 23rd June 2019

The course includes learning how to:

    • Set up the scythe ready for mowing
    • Mow efficiently and effectively
    • Hone the blade to keep it sharp while cutting
    • Peen the blade after it has been worn down by countless amounts of honing
    • You will also find out how to cure the cut grass to make hay and about grassland management and making hay.

Then have a go at the quarter acre cup 🙂

The cost is £75 per person and is available on the following date: 22nd June 2019. The course is for a maximum of 12 participants  depending on numbers, from 10am–4pm.  Tea, & coffee will be provided, lunch can be purchased from the restaurant or bring your own. Please wear suitable clothing and boots and arrive at 9.30am for a prompt 10am start. If you wish to purchase a scythe, they are available by pre-order (contact Jim McVittie

The course is always popular so early booking is recommended. Tel: 0844 249 1895 (7 days a week 9am—5.30pm) or via the box office online

Also see link for other information on other courses, competitions and the use of the scythe Scythe Association

5 Responses to Mowing

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  2. Jo Nicholson says:

    Hello, I’m having difficulty applying for the scything course on the 23rd June. The redirection to the NT box office says the the only course is on 30th June and I didn’t have much luck on the phones. I’d like to book a place for the 23rd but can’t do 30th,

    Thanks, Jo Nicholson


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