There are many different flies at Wimpole, not just the ordinary ones found around the farm.

Craneflies and Soldierflies like the wetland habitats, while a deadwood habitat suits others such as some Hoverflies, a few Craneflies and numerous other groups.

The Golden hoverfly on Ivy

The Golden hoverfly on Ivy

This photograph is of the really rare RDB1 Golden hoverfly found at Wimpole. This fly likes wet rot holes in trees, especially ones in Beech, Sycamore, Elm & Horse chestnuts and is on the wing from early September until November. This is because it emerges to take advantage of the flowering Ivy that is found all over the estate. It is a mimic of the social wasp as it has a brassy yellow body with long antennae. There is a species list for hoverflies Hoverfly records for those interested in these marvellous insects

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