Learn the Art of Ferreting

Why not try your hand at ferreting on the Wimpole Estate? An age old art once the domain of the medieval rich then became the requirement of the poacher to provide for the family table. Nowadays we have to control rabbit numbers due to the amount of damage they would cause if unchecked. We will be using the estate’s ferrets and will go out into the parkland with ferrets, nets, locators, spades and dog.

ferretThe day includes learning  how to:

  • Identify good rabbit warrens to ferret and about the use of ferrets
  • Use  purse nets and long nets and about the extraction of the quarry
  • Use modern location devices to find ferrets that have absconded 😦
  • Dispatch the quarry cleanly and efficiently with no fuss
  • Paunch and skin the rabbit ready to take home for the table

The cost is £90 per person and is available on the following dates: 24th November 2018. Each course is for a maximum of 6 participants only, from 10am–4pm.  Tea, coffee  & lunch are provided. As we will be in the park, tiolets can be some distance away but no more than a 15 mimute walk. Please wear suitable clothing and boots and arrive at 9.30am for a prompt 10am start.

Use the SG8 0BP postcode which will take you to Cobbs Wood farm where you will find the Rangers workshop and have a tea/coffee before we start

The course is always popular so early booking is recommended.

Tel: 0844 249 1895 (7 days a week 9am—5.30pm) or via the box office online

2 Responses to Ferreting

  1. Andrew sayer says:

    Hi my name is Andrew sayer and I am wondering if you are going to be doing ferreting courses in 2017 like you have this year 2016 . If you can let me know that will be great …


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