Mowing Competition 2018

Acres to mow, the quarter acre challenge in the South Avenue

Acres to mow, the quarter acre challenge, Richard & Gill

The Wimpole Scything Festival includes the mowing competitions and will be held over the 23rd-24th June 2018. The marathons, quarter acre and an eighth of an acre competitions are held anytime over this period  but will be timed from when the competitor starts to when they finish. No changing of blades is allowed but you may replace a broken snath. Extra peening is also allowed but will be included in the overall time, so peen before you start.

The sprint races will be held on the Sunday afternoon and will include the 10 x 10 and the  5 x 5 . Other races include the team competition, strimmer vs scythe and various others which we can dream up.

For those wishing to be part of the first full acre marathon mowing race email me or phone 07710190447

Last years results can be found here

A lovely video from 2011

4 Responses to Mowing Competition 2018

  1. oldsalmon says:

    Hey Simon when are you going to put up the mowing results from this year?


  2. dewi says:



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