Scything Festival

9194031593_20e291e6bf_bThe Scything Festival will be held over the weekend of 24th & 25th of June 2017 on the Wimpole Estate possibly in the Folly field within the Capability Browns landscape in the north park which includes the folly

It is designed to be a fun weekend with as many rural competitions as possible, some more serious than others though.

There will be a course to teach how to use the scythe and mow including how to make hay and meadow management. Link to course here.

There will also be a spoon making course that covers all aspects of producing your own lovely spoons to use at home from Wimpole Estate wood. Link to course here.

The Wimpole Pole Lathers will be in attendance all weekend (they may have their own log to leg competition) as well as some blacksmiths (with a competition if possible), hurdle makers, wood carver, funiture maker, various green woodworking, sheep shearing, possibly the Wimpole ferrets who may have their own racing competitions and various other countryside stalls and skills.

There will be a spoon carving competition with an egg race to finish off. Also on Saturday the Cider et al competitions will be judged in the afternoon at 5pm (thats so we can sample the produce all night long). All sorts of mowing will be taking place from large quarter acre and eighth acre plots to the 10m x 10m and 5m x 5m plots. There will be a few races involving hay and running. Announcements and cups for the mowing competitons will be at 5pm.

Camping is available and anyone wishing to demonstrate can do, free of charge and can sell their wares. Those wishing to sell without demonstrating will have to pay a small fee. Please have insurance and remember if you join the Association of Polelathe Turners & Greenwood Workers you can get very resonable prices as long as it is to do with the aims of the bodgers.

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  2. Hey, your link to the scything course only has info about the competition! Will there be a course, and if so do we need to register in advance, will there be a fee, should we bring our own scythes etc. ? cheers


  3. Svenja says:

    Hi there,
    Will there be scythes available for purchase on the day of the course?
    Thanks, Svenja


  4. Hi Simon, many thanks for the invite to join you guys at the Scything Festival tomorrow. Have fed the sourdough starters and will be there tomorrow with as much bread as I can muster at short notice and a board for kneading demonstrations. Looking forward to joining you all and many thanks for the kind welcome…see you tomorrow, Helen from the White Cottage Bakery (the park runner from Wimpole’s early morning run!).


    • What a great day, in spite of the rain! Great fun and wonderful to talk to so many home bread makers. If White Cottage Bakery are welcome again next year, we’ll bring leaflets about making and maintaining your own starter – so much interest in Real Bread and sourdough. Just wonderful! Thanks for having us.


      • Sadeik says:

        Hello Helen

        I was very pleased to see you on Sunday with the bread baked from Wimpoles organic wheat, the loaf you gave me was shared out between us at lunch on Monday in nice a sunny weather, made a change from Sunday. Next years festival will be the last weekend in June.



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  7. tournament says:

    Hi, I’m seeking a little more information about the scythe festival this weekend. What time does it start? What time are things happening? Is there an entry charge? What about camping, available to anyone? Do you need to register for the competitions? Do you need your own scythe to compete? Are refreshments available? Many thanks


    • Sadeik says:

      Starts at 10am Saturday mostly mowing, the course is on Saturday but there are a few other things going on. Entry charge apart from parking fees if you are not a member. Camping is available to mowers only. Register on the day for the competitions and yes you have to bring your own scythe. Because of the site only very limited refreshments are available but there is a restaurant at the hall


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