Hedgehogs and Moles



This hedgehog was found in the gardens, either he is a whitish form or has been around for some time and has become grayer. . .  I’m not sure which! He’s probably helping himself to some of the many fat worms found around the garden. There used to be many more Hedgehogs some years back, but lately there don’t seem to be so many. It’s also noticeable when driving on the roads, as about 10-20 years ago there would often be quite a few that had been run over, but you hardly see any in a RTA now. Anybody know why this is? Another curious thing we come across on the estate is that occasionally we find a hedgehog skin and that’s it, nothing else. Apparently Badgers are quite fond of eating Hedgehogs and I suppose those massive front claws on the Badger  could be the undoing of the Hedgehog should it decide to curl up in a ball to protect itself. Does anyone know if this is fact or fiction? For more information you will find all you need at Wikipedia

Well, now we come to the Mole, a most marvellous creature, almost blind and with fur that goes forward or backwards and with a keen sense of smell. Unfortunately for him, he is not much liked by the gardeners due to his tunnelling expertise. Needless to say we have plenty of them and its interesting to note that it is not particularly liked by its predators either, however food’s food and when times are hard, any meal will do.  Another fact is that the Mole has the largest flea on him, he also has to go around his tunnels every four or so hours because they have to constantly eat. For more information on Moles see Wikipedia

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