Saxon pottery

Saxon pottery

The trouble with the Saxons is that they were rubbish at pottery! After the Romans, who incidentally produced some stunning pottery, all knowledge seems to have disappeared. So what pottery we find today related to the Saxons is rather crude. It is local clay, fired at low temperatures, with straw, grass etc surrounding it and therefore is rough looking and very friable. This means it soon disintegrates in the soil. The photograph on the left is a good example of typical Saxon pottery, pretty rubbish. Now the really odd thing is that the Saxons actually made exceedingly fine metalware: in iron, bronze, gold and other metals. Whereas the Romans only produced run-of-the-mill stuff. Very little is known about the Saxons at Wimpole apart from some artifacts found at Cobbs wood farm and the roundabout on the A603. We will have to find more evidence under the ground to get a clearer picture, although the Doomsday book does tell us who some of the people were just before the Norman conquest.

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