Pyramidial Orchid

Pyramidal Orchid

Meadow Cranesbill

Meadow Cranesbill

There are a variety of different habitats for flowers at Wimpole: hedges and field margins, old meadows, woodland, waterside, boggy ground. When out on any walk in the spring and summer there are always many flowers to see to make your walk more interesting. I always take my camera with me and photograph anything I’m not sure about to identify it when I get home.

Because of the cessation in the use of chemicals on the in hand farms at Wimpole ( conversion to organic farming and Stewardship Schemes) there has been a marked increase in the quantity and diversity of the flowers. The year 2012 saw a dramatic increase in the number of orchids on the Estate, in places an almost uncountable number of Bee Orchids in one field margin. The very wet summer could also have had some influence on the numbers, I wait to see what will happen in that area in Summer 2013

Crested Cow Wheat

Crested Cow Wheat

A full list of plants found on the Wimpole Estate can be found in Wimpole Vascular Plants. Jonathan Shanklin undertook most of the recording, although one or two plants are missing from the records like this Crested cow wheat which was introduced  via seed from Nuthampstead in Hertfordshire. It also naturally occurs in Hardwicke wood apparently. This plant now grows wild in the chalky arable grass margins.

Field Margin Teazle

Field Margin Teazle

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