Looking back from the Whaddon view to the main 1640 central block of the Hall

Looking back from the Whaddon view to the main 1640 central block of the Hall

Blogs are posted on the “Wympole & Wratsworth News” main menu page and news is added frequently.
All other pages are static but will be added to as we develop the site.
If you click on the main menu pages  you will get a basic overview, if you would like to know a little more about the subject then click on the secondary menu page, if you wish to see even more click on the third menu.

For example, if you choose “Wildlife” in the main menu pages you will get an overall view of the wildlife on the Wimpole Estate. If you then wish to go further the second drop down menu will give more specific information  i.e. clicking  on “Birds”  will give you information on birds of the Estate. There is then a further third drop down menu where you can select more specific information  i.e.  on “Farmland birds”.  Just to help you out: if you click on the main photograph under the heading this will take you home. 🙂

Also in the main menu pages you will find information about what is happening in the countryside for 2013. For Home farm news see “Myfarm” and for the Wimpole web site click “here”

Try this introduction link to see some of the work carried out on the Estate

and these to see the Dutch horses extracting the timber

16 Responses to Home

  1. ando.com says:

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for wholesale bread


  2. john davies says:

    To Steve. .On Sunday you took some good pictures of a boy turning the bellows (friend of my son), and mentioned these maybe added to this blog. Before you can do this I must make sure it is OK with his mum and dad. Sorry if I have confused the situation by not saying the boy was my son. If you have time tell me this is message has gone to the correct blog and you here is my e mail (jdd24ggle@gmail.com). Thank you all for showing the boys the skills and keeping them engrossed for hours.

    best wishes John Davies


  3. john davies says:

    Steve – its fine to add the photographs to the blog if you wish


  4. Nicholas Humphrey says:

    Stephen, When we were searching for the site of the old manor house in Cobbs wood last weekend. we were fortunate to run into your father. He directed us to your blog. Thanks. The blog is full of interesting stuff. But I couldn’t find anything in particular about the ancient manor. Is there more to tell? And do you ever want volunteers to help excavate this (or other) archaeological sites on the estate?

    Nick Humphrey (Professor Nicholas Humphrey)


    • Sadeik says:

      It’s Simon actually, everyone seems to think I’m a Stephan, oh well at least that’s a Kings name.
      As for Cobbs manor it’s a SAM and so you would need special permission the excavate from English Heritage. Never the less it’s a very interesting site and has a wonderful history which as you quite rightly point out I have rather neglected my duty to inform. I will or hope to start on the medieval page in the history section and might add a blog or two as time permits as soon as possible for you

      Simon aka Stephan 🙂


      • Nicholas Humphrey says:

        Forgive me. I’m happy to be communicating with the real Simon. I look forward to being updated about Cobbs manor.



  5. JL Campbell says:

    Can’t find yr email addr. I am in N8 and have a scythe handle I could pass on. Don’t put me on yr mailing list or blog.


  6. Geoff says:

    Is this wonderful site still active?


  7. Mark Weaver says:

    Hi Simon, nice to meet you today, thanks for the beer mate!
    Anything you can do to help would be massively welcome, I owe you beers!
    I’m an idiot, I didn’t get your number or Bill’s, are you able to let me have them please?



  8. Ashby Showalter says:

    Hi simon, I’ve just watched your “The great escape” YouTube videos and for some reason I feel obligated to tell you how much I enjoyed them. It’s inspiring, and hope I can do the same one day. Well, that’s about it… Cheers


  9. Laura West says:

    Hi Sadeik,
    Do you have more information on the camping? The cost?
    I have 3 children with me, is that ok.
    Regards, Laura


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