Watch This Space…

From March 2012 until October 2018, Simon Damant (writing as ‘Sadeik’) wrote an occasional blog on his experiences working on the National Trust’s Wimpole Hall estate.

I write ‘occasional’ but Simon (with some ‘guest’ blogs) posted 465 listings in those six-and-a half years, covering his experiences and observations working on the farms and the grounds of Wimpole Hall. Everyday tasks were duly reported, together with an entertaining mix of events, national scything festivals, people, the passing of the seasons, rural craft competitions, Wimpole wildlife, stunning photography, and some overseas ‘adventures’. Simon even found time to become National Scything Champion! Twice.

In September 2020, Simon was kind enough to hand ‘Wympole & Wratsworth’ over to ‘Wimpole Past‘ (a local history and genealogy site for the Parish of Wimpole) to ensure the site’s safe keeping in uncertain times. Although ‘Wympole & Wratsworth’ is somewhat archived at present, nothing has been switched off. Everything should work as normal. Comments are still encouraged and a new Archive Index button has been added to help visitors navigate around all 465 posts.

There’s even a possibility that Simon will be posting some new blogs. So watch this space.

Steve (Wimpole Past)

8 Responses to Watch This Space…

  1. says:

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for wholesale bread


  2. Nicholas Humphrey says:

    Stephen, When we were searching for the site of the old manor house in Cobbs wood last weekend. we were fortunate to run into your father. He directed us to your blog. Thanks. The blog is full of interesting stuff. But I couldn’t find anything in particular about the ancient manor. Is there more to tell? And do you ever want volunteers to help excavate this (or other) archaeological sites on the estate?

    Nick Humphrey (Professor Nicholas Humphrey)


    • Sadeik says:

      It’s Simon actually, everyone seems to think I’m a Stephan, oh well at least that’s a Kings name.
      As for Cobbs manor it’s a SAM and so you would need special permission the excavate from English Heritage. Never the less it’s a very interesting site and has a wonderful history which as you quite rightly point out I have rather neglected my duty to inform. I will or hope to start on the medieval page in the history section and might add a blog or two as time permits as soon as possible for you

      Simon aka Stephan 🙂


      • Nicholas Humphrey says:

        Forgive me. I’m happy to be communicating with the real Simon. I look forward to being updated about Cobbs manor.



  3. Geoff says:

    Is this wonderful site still active?


  4. Ashby Showalter says:

    Hi simon, I’ve just watched your “The great escape” YouTube videos and for some reason I feel obligated to tell you how much I enjoyed them. It’s inspiring, and hope I can do the same one day. Well, that’s about it… Cheers


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