Rural Courses 2019

Rural courses on the Wimpole Estate at a glance

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 The art of ferreting on the Wimpole Estate.

100 rabbits 800

24th November 2018

The Victorian blacksmith workshop on the Wimpole Estate.

wimpole forge 12a

21st April 2018 & 22nd September 2018

Learn to make a traditional rake out of the estates woodland timber


The art of shearing sheep with hand shears.


19th May 2018

The art of scything on the Wimpole Estate.

Team mowing

30th June 2018

The art of pole lathe turning

Basic course TBA

Intermediate TBA

The art of laying hedges with traditional tools

hedgelayuing 120 20001v

7th March 2018 & 20th October 2018

The art of spoon carving


Traditional woodland work in the Wimpole Estate woodlands.

Learn to use axes, cross-cut saws felling and snedding ash trees and extraction by horse. Email

2 Responses to Rural Courses 2019

  1. Charlotte Dunham says:

    Please may a book 1 place on the Scything course Saturday June 28th? What do I have to do next?
    I will need to borrow a scythe.

    Charlotte Dunham


    • Sadeik says:

      Hello Charlotte
      You need to go to ‘mowing’ under rural courses and box online, it’ll be highlighted in blue. I have to do it this way unfortunately



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