A weekend of fire and fuel

The charcoal kilnHave you ever thought of how you make charcoal,  convert trees to fire wood, make fires and cook on them? Learn here and learn how you can use the traditional woodland tools likes axes,  two man saws, mauls, levers wedges and the many other implements used in woodland management.  You will also learn to convert the timber you have felled into useful items using pole lathes to bodge, hewing axes to make squared timber and draw knives to shape wood. You will also find out how to store your fire wood and get it to a low moisture content.

Timber conversionIf so we are developing some new courses in traditional woodland management using hand tools only and making charcoal with the wood that isn’t been used for other purposes. This introductory course will be run over the weekend of the 22nd & 23rd July 2017. The course will have a maximum of 10 participants and cost £160 each. Tea/coffee and lunch will be provided. As well as a BBQ supper on Saturday night. You are welcome to camp Saturday night. (Actually it’s almost obligatory if you fancy been a woodsman)

Enquiries to simon.damant@nationaltrust.org.uk or Tel: 01223 206000

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