Wympole Green Woodworkers

Some of Wimpoles Pole Lathe Group

Some of Wimpoles Pole Lathe Group

Wimpole Pole Lathe Group

Wimpole Pole Lathe Group

The “Wympole Green Woodworkers” is a small group of green wood workers who belong to the “Association of Polelathe Turners & Greenwood Workers“.  This year  their 2015  Bodgers Ball will be held at ?, see the “Rural Events” page. The  Wympole Green Woodworkersuse Wimpole Estate as their base and can be seen working on the estate on the dates below. For those who may be interested in the countryside skill of Pole lathing then we offer two courses in August follow this link.

Initial dates for pole lathing and green wood working. All the meetings on the Wimpole Estate are in red, all dates in blue are at other local venues the Wympole Green Woodworkers go to as shown and there are a few events that are worth going to if you can.

Sunday 5 February 2017                 Cobbs Wood farm

Sunday 26 February 2017               Cobbs Wood farm

Sunday 19 March 2017                    Cobbs Wood farm

Sunday 23 April 2017                        Home farm?

Wk/end 13-14 May 2017                  Bodger’s Ball Rodington Shropshire

Sunday 28 May 2017                         Home farm?

Sunday 10-11 June 2017  ?               West Country Scythe & Green fair

Wk/end 17-19 June 2017                 Wood show Weald & Downland

Wk/end  24-25 June 2017               Wimpole Scything competition & rural skills

Wk/end 7-9 July 2017                      Wimpole History Festival

Sunday 30 July 2017                          Home farm?

Wk/end 26-28  August 2017           Green woodworking bank holiday

Sunday 16-17 September 2017        Wimpole Produce Fair

Saturday 7 October 2017                  Burwash apple day Barton

Wk/end 8-9 October 2017               Autumn Countryside show Weald & Downland

Sunday 22 October 2017                  Cobbs Wood farm

Wk/end 11-12 November 2017       Wimpole Craft fair

Sunday 17 December 2017               Winter BBQ Cobbs, Wood farm


Bodgers at Cobbs Wood farm


Please email Jim McVittie dalefield@ntlworld.com or Simon Damant simon.damant@gmail.com for more information if required.

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