Meet the team

This is the team that work in the woodlands undertaking all the forestry & aboricultural work. They also do the hedgelaying & fencing as well as planting hedgerows, parkland trees & woodland trees. Then there are the NOT so nice jobs like picking up the litter and POO bags (why do they hang them in the trees?) as well as any other bits of general mess. However there are other much nicer days when they have to engage with the public either doing specialist walks, courses or rural events. They also  keep the rats, rabbits, grey squirrels and deer under control so that the trees and crops are not unduly affected.

In absolutely all weathers they work hard to keep the wider Wimpole Estate looking good which is a constant battle against nature which would like to take over and the wear & tear of time.


Shane O’Riely, Volunteer Forestry Ranger


Debbie Barker, teaches rural courses


Neil Smith, Volunteer Archeaologist Ranger

Paul Martin Forest Ranger

Paul Martin Forest Ranger

Tom the Folly Ranger

Tom the Folly Ranger

Sarah Black, Forestry Ranger

Sarah Black, Forestry Ranger

Peter Franklin, Volunteer Forestry Ranger

Peter Franklin, Volunteer Forestry Ranger

John Reid
John Reid Volunteer Engineer Ranger
Ian Hogg Volunteer Forestry Ranger

Ian Hogg Volunteer Forestry Ranger

Cory, the Jadgterrier

Cory, the Jadgterrier Pest Control Ranger

Missie Pest control ranger

Missie the Jagdterrier Pest Control Ranger

John the Trekpaard

John the Trekpaard Hard Working Ranger

Domesticated polecat, note the much whiter face

Just one of the ferret crew

Which way is it to Timbuktu ?

The go anywhere Landrover


The trusty old MF390


Jim McVitte Volunteer Forestry Ranger

4 Responses to Meet the team

  1. Lawrence Holder says:

    Message for the Blacksmith: Hallo, we spoke today as to the possibility of you making up for me a short linked chain with a hook on the end, together with a rose head type nail to attach the chain to a beam. If this is indeed something you think you could help me with,please let me know and if you have an email address I will be able to forward to you the photos I showed you earlier today so that you can see the type of thing I have in mind. I would naturally be more than happy to pay in advance for any work. Regards, Lawrence Holder


  2. neil32 says:

    Do you think we need an update? I don’t see Missy… 🙂


  3. sophie cotton says:

    Last Saturday afternoon , in the rain – we met David ( making a chair leg out of cherry wood) and Simon ( whittling spoons) – we came with Grandad and our two girls. David, you mentioned a local lady who does willow craft and i can’t find where I noted down her name – if possible, could you let me know her name again?
    Hope to see you at some other event – we were so inspired! 😁


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