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You sow the seeds and wait and see what turns up in June

A long time ago, thirty years actually, I walked down the South Avenue and it was bare. Small lime trees were struggling for life, hedges were succumbing to glyphosphate (well the hawthorn was) and the grassland  was full of creeping … Continue reading

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Making hay with Vikings, Norway

  Making hay with Vikings by Shane O’Reilly At about the age of twelve I recall my mother explaining to me the reason for algebra and how, suddenly, the penny dropped and its usefulness became clear. I experienced a similar moment … Continue reading

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Wimpole Scythe Festival 2017

So which bit of grassland this year? Well it had to be back at the Folly Field. The countryside team spent a large part of the week leading up the Scythe Festival event mowing all the large and small plots. … Continue reading

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May and the mulberry tree

How lovely it is to work in the old Victorian forge especially with people who are willing students. For my part, in between helping, I forged a small peening hammer. It’s a joy to make your own tools and one … Continue reading

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