A photo review of 2015

A very odd year indeed but with never a dull moment- some amazing and some sad. It came in with a gust of wind and went out amid storms. The forestry/ranger team worked hard all year but had times when they could enjoy the moment. Included are some forays at home and abroad- the trip to Somerset and the Weald and Downland Museum was awash with new friends and as for the trips abroad… well it’s a long time since I have travelled with such good men and fallen about in stitches. There again, getting run over, thrown off a horse and being bitten on the leg by a BIG black dog… well, what a story! Then, to end the year with the loss of some most excellent men. Every emotion has been thrown into this year and I wonder what 2016 will bring? Hope you enjoy the photo gallery of 2015 at Wimpole, in England and abroad.